Ann Mische, University of Notre Dame

“It’s not that often that you emerge from reading an academic book feeling personally moved, intellectually challenged, politically excited, yet also wary and a little sad. Beyond Betrayal is a tight, well-argued book that packs a theoretical wallop alongside vivid case material from an intensive, multiyear study of a local organization engaging an issue of urgent social concern. Ewick and Steinberg challenge us to rethink our understanding of collective identity formation within social movements, while providing us with an intimate close-hand look at the reflexivity and cultural work involved in responding to betrayal and moral shock. In short, this is a moving, provocative, and important book.”


Francesca Polletta, University of California, Irvine

Beyond Betrayal is richly interesting, theoretically sophisticated, and beautifully written. Ewick and Steinberg tell a fascinating story of a group of movement stalwarts: Catholics who, in the wake of priest sexual abuse revelations and determined to act on their feelings of betrayal, spent the next fifteen years developing a far-reaching vision of what the Catholic Church might become and, above all, defining—and redefining—who they were. The book is chock-full of theoretical aperçus, insights that are thoroughly grounded in the case at hand rather than imposed on it. Most of all, I am struck by the authors’ skill in plumbing the nuanced and evolving views of these unlikely activists.”