Hear Marc’s quirky office Voicemail message!

“Hi, and thanks for calling me. This is one of the virtual forms of Marc Steinberg, kindly provided by Smith College. Unfortunately, I’m not available right now. If you’ve been trying to channel to Elvis, or Amelia Earhart, and now find yourself in the wrong astral space, I’m sorry. But you should probably disconnect now. However, you can leave a message for Marc, either in this virtual space, or at M, W, STE, INB at Smith dot edu. And he’ll try to get back to you shortly. Thank you!”

To hear Marc discuss his life and work, listen to this 50-minute interview with Marc upon the publication England’s Great Transformation: Law, Labor, and the Industrial Revolution.

Marc Steinberg seated in his office at Smith College. He holds a blue plush pig toy as he faces the door with his computer and desk to his left side (viewer's right).