Marc strongly supported the mission of Safe Passage. (For two decades he made donations to Safe Passage in honor of Sabina’s birthday.)

For 42 years, the non-profit has pursued its mission in two ways:

(1) Safe Passage helps survivors of domestic violence through offering an emergency shelter, legal services, counseling, children’s services, and support groups. The agency thus helps survivors and their loved ones to find “life-affirming support and services in a new setting that promotes their journey to safety, hope and healing.”

(2) Safe Passage also works to prevent domestic, sexual, and interpersonal violence.

Photo by Marc Steinberg

Most recently, Safe Passage has been promoting community engagement through its Say Something initiative. The program offers many ways to be involved: a four-session Prevention LAB training, interactive social media campaigns, and an extensive Field Guide workbook.

The Prevention LAB helps participants to learn, act, and become empowered advocates against violence in their communities. The LAB’s 8-hour (in 4 sessions) interactive training offers knowledge and skills to prevent and interrupt violence.

“We believe that whoever you are, whatever you do, and whomever you come into contact with – everyone can Say Something to help prevent interpersonal violence.”

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