Courses at Smith College, 1994-2019

Problems and Principles 

Marc created an ideal by which I can now evaluate all of my professors.  Class discussions were always interesting, relevant and offered modern-day connections to the reading.  He encouraged and demanded the use and development of critical thinking skills, focus, attention and profound thought in both class discussions and written assignments.  This class challenged and expanded my mind, and this professor has redefined my expectations for teaching.

Marc’s class taught me to think in whole new ways.  He is amazing. I really liked the way he cut the material down into clear shapes, clear important ideas.

Contemporary Social Issues and Social Change

The most important thing I learned from Marc’s class is how to articulate a lot of what I had already observed about social movements but not known how to formulate as ideas.  He has a real talent for locating theory in everyday life and for locating everyday life in theory, which means he can make dry material alive and interesting.

Learning about the media’s role as agents of the hegemonic order via another such agent—“elite” Smith College—had special meaning for me.  That section on media framing also made clear much that I had previously found confusing. Thank you for the enthusiasm, energy, and expertise you brought to our class. 

Political Sociology

I really appreciate Marc’s “blind” method of grading.  It shows how deeply he cares about justice.  I have taken a variety of sociology classes, and despite sometimes dry material, Marc has always managed to make the class fun.  He is always willing to listen to his students, even if they are straying from the subject. Marc has been my favorite professor throughout college and a wonderful advisor.  My college experience would not have been nearly as great without Marc as my professor and advisor.

Great professor!  Took extremely difficult and vague material and presented it in an organized fashion.  He has a very positive attitude that is contagious.

How Power Works 

He has had such an impact on my optimism for learning and grasping new knowledge.  I will miss this class very much, and there is no way he could improve.

Literally every other professor is boring and bland compared to Marc Steinberg.  He is amazing, the best teacher I’ve ever had: energetic, interesting, igniting enthusiasm in the most apathetic students.  He keeps you interested in learning the whole time. I wish there were more professors like him.

Introduction to Sociology

The success of this course is due wholly to Professor Steinberg’s enthusiasm and creativity.  No professor has ever been more willing to listen to his students. There’s no way I would have enjoyed this material if he had not made it so interesting and understandable.

Professor Steinberg is refreshingly strange.  He also has high standards that don’t budge, which means he has confidence in us.  I actually looked forward to coming to this class even though it was so early in the morning.  I have learned so, so much from this class.

Sociology of Rock and Pop (Seminar)

Marc Steinberg is the most enthusiastic and energetic professor that I’ve had.  His lectures kept me wide awake, and I enjoyed coming to class. I am very sorry I won’t be able to take another course with him because I have learned so much and think so differently because of his teaching.    

Marc has to be the best professor of all time.  He is inspired and inspiring, so dedicated to the class and gives so much to students who need help outside of class.

Classical Sociological Theory 

Marc is the most committed professor I’ve ever met.  He made such a real effort to understand what we were trying to say.

Marc gives more to his students than any professor I’ve ever encountered.  His concept of giving feedback and clear instruction/expectation so far exceeds anything any other professor does for their students.  I learned, was engaged, and felt guided by Marc in this class.

Contemporary Sociological Theory 

Marc rocks!  He is the most dynamic, engaging, conscientious, and challenging professor I’ve had at Smith.  He is so generous with his time and energy, always helping students outside of class, particularly those who wouldn’t pass without assistance, and he always makes the material relatable.  

Theory—who thought it would be so much fun?!  I didn’t want to miss class!! Marc has such a talent for making dry, theoretical material lively and compelling.  He was also so caring and helpful, understanding of students who struggled with this very challenging material.

Social Movements

Marc is the best professor I’ve had, no question about it.  He makes anything interesting and fun. I think I would take calculus with him.  He presents the material very clearly and is willing to listen to students’ comments.  He makes you feel comfortable in the classroom—that is, you can speak in class and not have to worry about the professor speaking down to you.  I usually do not speak in any of my other classes and in this one I talk every day

Professor Steinberg had a way of making theory much more interesting than anyone would ever expect.  From the first day on he always had the class laughing. I understand activism entirely differently now, and I really appreciate how abstract theories relate to everyday life.  I feel sorry for other students who have never taken a course with this most committed professor.

Courses at Clark University, 1991-1994

Sociology 100

I think if it wasn’t for Professor Steinberg teaching this class, I’d be at a loss.  He has made theory something I can understand. Only a few professors possess a talent where they can make the impossible seem possible.  It’s a shame that he’s leaving. I have no suggestions for improvement, except to say the people at Smith are going to be real lucky and will learn.  Good luck, Marc.

Marc inspired me to be a sociology major, and I am really sad to see him go.  Clark will not be the same without him. I wish him well in his future plans and I thank him for helping me survive this very challenging course. 

290 Classical Sociological Theory

Marc Steinberg is the most talented professor that I have encountered here at Clark.  He is, in fact, one of the reasons why I came to Clark. Having gone to his social movements class as a prospective student, I had never been so inspired to learn.  His enthusiasm and excitement for teaching are remarkable. This was an excellent course taught by an even more excellent professor.

Professor Steinberg is the best professor.  He is incredibly enthusiastic and his love of teaching is so evident.    His contribution to the sociology department is so huge that losing him is a real blow to this institution.  Clark should have done more to keep him in my opinion.

I am truly sorry that Marc is leaving.  He is one of the best professors I have come across in my academic career.  I hope his students at Smith appreciate him as much as I know sociology students here do.

Professor Steinberg is a great professor.  It’s too bad he’s leaving. I would have liked to take more classes with him.  Unfortunately, this was my only one. It’s really too bad he’s leaving. 

Clark University is losing a major asset in the sociology department because Marc is a great professor.  

I will miss him, he is one of Clark’s great professors and the class/dept. won’t be the same without him.