From 2000-2002, Marc was my professor, academic advisor, special studies advisor, and then my honors thesis advisor. One of the things I valued the most was that each time I approached Marc to ask about taking the next step on what turned out to be a 2.5 year project, he took me seriously and I felt very respected. Marc believed in the potential of undergraduate students to do meaningful research; as a result, he supported me in a literature review, data collection, and data analysis, answering all of my questions and helping me think through each step. He took me, my question, and my work very seriously, all while pushing me to do better.

I also took several classes with Marc and always enjoyed them but also felt very challenged. He didn’t let anyone skate by–but at the same time, he was very supportive, and not trying to push any students to failure.

I remember his office in Wright Hall being filled with books, and I was always fascinated to realize his range of interests. I could tell that he had lived a life beyond the classes that he taught at Smith, and I think it brought a richness to his work that he would not have otherwise had.

With Marc’s death, Smith is losing a treasure and I am so sad that future students, sociology majors and others, won’t have the privilege of sitting in his classes and learning with his guidance.