I fixed computers at Smith College for 31 years. Marc was always one of my favorite people to visit as I made my rounds across campus. Marc had great warmth and openness; he was very “real”. I would also run into him at the YMCA, and we would have a nice chat then. Marc’s love of antique pocket watches rubbed off on me, and soon I had a collection, too; we enjoyed sharing stories about our watches. Marc faced his cancer with optimism, courage, and calmness. He is missed by many.

February, 2022

Marc faced his illness with amazing dignity and serenity, even after his diagnosis became terminal. For many years I enjoyed shooting the breeze with Marc, both at Smith and at the Y. I remember talking about many things in an irreverent manner. I miss him now and always will.

June, 2021

One of the weight rooms at the Hampshire Regional YMCA.