A-Z links to testimonies written for Marc W. Steinberg (1956-2019), Sydenham C. Parsons Professor of Sociology at Smith College. Read testimonies by friends, colleagues, students and others.
(I regret that I didn’t realize that I could shorten the slugs until many were already in Google’s algorithms. I’m still learning.)
Yuen Yuen Ang
Anonymous colleague
Dominique Adams-Romena (’03)
David Ball
Allyson Bogie
Ginetta Candelario
Floyd Cheung
Suzanne Farrington
Terie Fleury
Pia Furkan
Sarah Gilleman
Chris Gold
Marguerite Harrison
Cissy Hubbard
Bill Ivry
Leigh Johnston
Chalmers Knight
John Krinsky
Chantelle Leswell
Laura Lynn
Suk Massey
Joya Misra
Patty Mooney
Irene Padavic
Rebeca Palcio
Chris Parker
David Pollack
Gretchen Purser
Queer Art of Writing (pseudonymous)
Jane Rafferty
Tom Rohlich
Margaret Peggy Somers
Steve Stander
Nancy Whittier
WWTD (pseudonymous)
Jonathan Wynn
Starry Zhou
Starry Zhou, sharing Marc’s “life advice.”